PRODUCT REVIEW : 17 Photo Flawless Foundation

That amazing moment when you find the (almost) perfect foundation for £2…. only for that line to be discontinued. Oh well!

A cheeky trip to Boots in the new year ended up with me and my friends crowded round a Boots ‘reduced’ section. A lot of the products were as low as 50p and in my rummaging for the perfect bargain, I saw a bunch of 17 Photo Flawless foundation bottles. I wasn’t hopeful I’d find my shade but the darkest one of the lot, ‘Caramel’ caught my eye. I didn’t expect it to suit me. I couldn’t really swatch it in store either so I decided to purchase it. For £2, it wasn’t going to break the bank.

17 Hello Flawless

What I love… This foundation is great because it’s a good colour match for me, considering the high street doesn’t offer a lot of shades for darker skin tones. It gives a very dewy complexion, almost glowing. I love how light this feels but it still does a great job of coverage. I would go as far as saying it is a pretty good dupe for my Smashbox foundation. 

What I don’t love… As someone who loves matte foundation, this dewy look isn’t the best for me. I had to put some pressed powder on top as a finishing touch. Also the ‘glowing’ look can go very quickly from ‘radiant’ to ‘oil slick’. As someone with combination skin, mainly an oily T zone, this isn’t ideal for me. I also found that this doesn’t last very long and your face’s natural oils do end up overpowering it and by the end of a working day from 9-5, there won’t be much of a foundation trace left on your skin. You’d need a pretty potent primer to keep this on you.

Verdict… This foundation has the potential to suit a lot of skin types but it’s effectiveness may vary. Normal skin types might find this to be better than oily skin types. Overall though, I was glad that I found a good product for as little as £2.

Rating : 4/5

Super-close-up mugshot for what this foundation looks like on me…DSC_4962

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