Fashion Crush : Chiara Ferragni’s SS14 Collection

I really need to get my blogging act together. Blogging once a month for someone whose life revolves around fashion and beauty is frankly abysmal. It’s never too late to get back into the game though and my current fashion crush are the adorable shoes in Chiara Ferragni’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

As someone who doesn’t really have the budget for high-end designs, I had never really heard of Chiara Ferragni before but on I discovered these playful shoes on one of my many e-window-shopping sessions on ShopStyle (which is a shopper’s catalogue to everything). Chiara Ferragni started off as a blogger at ‘The Blonde Salad’ and has gone on to release her own fashion lines with brands like Guess and even collaborations with Steve Madden.

I absolutely love the almost Charlotte Olympia-esque vibe from these dainty loafers from her spring/summer collection. Esepcially the powder blue flats… they have the most perfect summer vibe about them. At £126 a pair, these are definitely an investment piece but for now, a girl can dream.


Gingham in the Sun

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I’ve updated my blog, what’s wrong with me?! Nevertheless, I’ve been shopping like there’s no tomorrow. I got a few lovely bits and bobs over the past couple of months from various places. I’ll be doing a whole in-depth blog analysis of my purchases soon.

One of the dresses I bought was this beyond gorgeous smock dress from Ever Ours. Now that the weather in Sheffield has started getting quite sunny, I decided to wear the dress out on it’s own. It’s the prettiest gingham dress in the world with a broderie style detailing on the sleeve cuffs. It also has a little pocket  with more detailing. The back (not photographed here) is also absolutely gorgeous, it’s a buttoned up back with little brown buttons over more broderie detailing. This dress cost me roughly £30 including the fastest delivery in the world. While the dress is the star of the show, my bag is from Next and my shoes are my favourite pair of brogues from ASOS.

If you haven’t heard of Ever Ours, you’re honestly missing out, their clothes are beyond gorgeous so go snag yourself a dress for summer!

gingham dress Ever Ours Next ASOS bag brogues OOTD

Talented Talkers Valentine’s Outfit : Be My Valentine!

My blog has gone through a spot of neglect whilst I’ve gone off and been a busy bee, but it’s never too late to update you on the happenings in my rather uneventful life. One week on from Valentine’s Day and I’m hoping our love lives have taken a bit of a lift. In my single state, the lovely people at Talented Talkers let me pick an outfit by George at ASDA for Valentine’s Day!

Disclaimer : This post has been sponsored. Should you wish to purchase any of the items, I have linked them in my post. Otherwise, George at ASDA have an amazing selection of clothing which you can shop here.

George at ASDA have been doing some lovely pieces off late and I was incredibly excited to choose an outfit showing my take on a cute Valentine’s day outfit. Now I didn’t have much planned for the day or the night. Me and my friends decided to celebrate our single statuses by having a cute coffee and cake at a local coffee shop. This outfit was the simple balance of subtle Valentine’s Day romanticism as well as being perfect for an afternoon out with the girls.

Talented Talkers let me pick an outfit worth £20 and then they would send me a mystery accessory that one of the members of the styling team thought fit to go with my outfit. I decided to pick this gorgeous floral print top and a pleated pinstripe skirt by George at ASDA. My mystery accessory, I was overjoyed to get! I absolutely love a multi-functional big bag and I love bags in muted tones, it’s totally my style so receiving this monochrome tote was the highlight of the entire package I got sent. I decided to team these 3 pieces with a simple pair of burgundy loafers from ASOS to continue the entire theme of “love”.

If you do like any of my pieces or wish to purchase any thing from George at ASDA, they have all been linked above. Hope your Valentine’s Day was just as cute and fashionable as mine!


Make Up Haul & Product Review!

I ran out of eyeliner and primer at the same time and went shopping for a few things and came back with more I expected. I went to Meadowhall, which is a massive shopping centre with an enormous Boots and a Superdrug so I may have gone a tiny bit crazy. Now a couple of the items I got are actually samples from Smashbox.

A lot of people don’t realise but you can request for samples from the more premium brands in Boots, like Smashbox, Benefit, Clinique etc. They may not always say yes, but it never hurts to ask. I was lucky enough to have a friend behind the Smashbox counters so she gave me a couple of things to take home.


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – Smashbox’s primers are unrivaled, they are simply the most amazing primers in the world in terms of functionality and how they feel. This is a premium sample which I was lucky enough to get. I’ve used the ‘Light’ version of this before for really oily skin but having used these, I have no bad words to say at all.

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation – I already have this foundation in the shade 3.4 which I absolutely love. However, I didn’t think the shade was the best shade possible for me. My friend managed to re-match me and picked the shade 3.3. This shade isn’t lighter, but it’s a different tone which suits me a lot more. It’s perfectly matte, and stays for ages, literally 15 hours. It creates a very flawless face over all. I got a sample pot and it’s lasted me well over a week now.

Make Up Academy Flawless Skin Primer – While I love the Smashbox primers, not everyone has £25 to fork out on a primer of all things. If you are looking for the perfect budget primer, then this is the one! For £4, I am terribly impressed with this Make Up Academy primer. It’s clear like the Smashbox one but it’s wetter. It still has a similar velvety finish. I normally like wearing primer by itself and this does a perfect pore minimising job. In terms of how long it lasts, it’s a bit less than Smashbox but for a sixth of the price, you really can’t complain.

Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner – Blackest of the black, for under a fiver, this eyeliner has definitely impressed me. It has a matte black almost crayon like finish which I love. I either love a crayon or a wet look finish. It is very simple to apply, fast drying and mattifying, it’s simply the perfect bargain buy. The only drawback is that it stings a bit sometimes, but that probably has to do with my make-up wipe usage.

17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner – Again, if you are looking for a budget gel eyeliner, this is a good buy. But compared to the Seventeen liquid eyeliner, that is definitely superior to the gel eyeliner. It does a good job overall, maybe smudges a bit but it’s good to wear over eye shadow. One drawback is that the brush that comes with it is minuscule. If you were to pick one eyeliner, go with the Seventeen liquid one, I’ve been smitten!

Revlon Colourburst Matte in ‘Sultry’ – I am a big fan of Revlon’s lip products, and having seen a lot of their ‘laquer balms’ I wasn’t too excited about them for some reason. As a matte lover, when I found out these balms existed, I needed one immediately. In the swatches below, this looks like a very pinky-pink. When it’s on though, it’s a very understated pink. It’s certainly a bit on the brighter side but it has a very beautiful tone to it. It’s a beautiful spring shade for all skin tones. The matte balm itself is very velvety and applies on so smoothly. It stays on for quite a while before reapplying. It’s maybe a tad dehydrating at times but if you moisturise with lip balm sufficiently beforehand, it should be okay. I really want more colours in this range, especially more natural toned ones for all year round.

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in ‘On and On Bronze’ – After all the hype about this product, I can honestly say, I regret not trying this out for myself earlier! Maybelline claims it lasts 24 hours – I promise you, it definitely lasts as I slept in it over night and woke up to it a bit smudged but still on. It’s a perfect primer eyeshadow base. The colour is this golden/bronze base which works well for me because I normally tend to go for more bronze colours for eyeshadow. These come in a range of colours if you are interested in purchasing one yourself.


From L – R :

Smashbox Foundation / Revlon Matte Balm / Seventeen liquid eyeliner / Seventeen gel eyeliner / Maybelline Colour Tattoo / Smashbox Primer / Make Up Academy Primer


O.P.I Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in ‘Parisian’

So I won an amazing giveaway held on the Wonderful Wolf blog and finally when I got a bit of free time, I decided to try my prize out for myself. I was really excited about the nail apps because it’s the first O.P.I product I’ve ever used and also because it would have been the first time I will have tried nail wraps for myself. I won the O.P.I nail apps in ‘Parisian’ which is very baroque inspired. It almost has a Marie Antoinette feel to it, the golds, the pinks and the greys all in metallic just make it look special.

In terms of actually using the nail apps, they were the simplest thing in the world. I found that I have rather large nails so a few of the nail apps didn’t quite cover the entirety of my nails but they were still pretty covering. But otherwise they stick on pretty well and are very easy to use. I’ve had these for about a day now and so far they’ve been pretty robust, no chipping or anything, so I definitely approve. I did seal them with some Seche Vite, but still, they look pretty good.

If you wish to buy these yourselves, then do look in your local Poundland or B&M Bargains. I managed to find loads of O.P.I nail apps for as little as £2 in B&M Bargains which seemed pretty legit so if you get the chance to, do treat yourself!

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Parisian

The e.l.f Valentines Day Make Up Challenge

The lovely people at e.l.f (Eyes Lips Face) contacted me through Twitter for an exciting Valentines Day campaign they’re running. I was told that 10 bloggers/vloggers were selected to a tutorial type post based on a bundle that e.l.f would give us. As one of e.l.f’s biggest fans, considering I own half the stuff they gave me in the bundle already, I was incredibly excited about this challenge. The idea was that they would give all 10 bloggers the same bundle and we were meant to do our take on Valentines Day.

elf valentines day make up tutorial look

My inspiration for the Valentines Day Challenge was to have a going out look. As a single girl, with single friends, I definitely wanted to do a going out look. I wanted to squish the “soft, romantic, gentle” of Valentines Day and go for something bold and all out. I rarely play with colour so this was the best chance to.

So here goes the tutorial…

Here is bare-faced me. I only moisturised about 15 minutes before this photo. Always do this 10/15 minutes before you do any make-up related stuff. Then PRIME! It’s a crime not to prime! I skipped the primer here because e.l.f didn’t give me one, but hopefully my moisturiser will give an okay-ish base.


Next up, foundation. So e.l.f did send me an amazing HD Mattifying Foundation, which is amazingly creamy. I got it in ‘Caramel’ which is usually my shade. But this one was quite light on me, so I used a darker foundation, and tried some (amateur) contouring and highlighting skills. You can almost tell the areas I highlighted using the e.l.f foundation. I can only apologise about the serial killer face. I actually used the e.l.f Studio stipple brush, but photographed the powder brush because it was MUCH cleaner than my stipple one. And it does a similar job.



Foundation? Done. Normally I’d set it with a translucent powder at this stage but again as it wasn’t part of my e.l.f bundle, I skipped it for this stage.


Always do your eyebrows! They frame your face. I’ve been growing mine for quite a while, and they’ve gotten pretty thick by now. I don’t really need to fill mine in but I used a grey/black shade from the e.l.f eye shadow palette to lightly fill in the brows.


Brows? Done.


Next up, eyes. Now e.l.f didn’t send me a primer, and even though I already own a primer, I still thought it would be a great idea to stick to those products I was given. So cue – lipstick-primer! Now, I don’t always recommend this as I don’t know how long lipstick as a primer stays, but it did last for a good 3 hours, if that’s an indication. The rich pink colour of the e.l.f moisturising lipsticks was just a perfect base for the bold and bright look I wanted to do.


You want to drag the lipstick out onto the lower lashline as well but be gentle. You don’t want to create Barbie pink panda eyes.


Blend! Like all things… just blend it so it doesn’t look stagnated on your eyelid. I used an e.l.f basic line fluffy blending brush. It’s less than £2 and it’s one of my more trustworthy eye brushes, so I definitely reccommend it.


Now for the eyes, I used the colour with the red dot as my eyelid shade and the one with the purple dot as my crease shade. I used the sponge applicator that came with the palette to pat on the pink shade on to my eyelid. I love sponge applicators, they really do pack on a punch and they’re so cheap as well.



Next, I’m going to use the crease shade, dab it on the outer corner of my eye and the just swish it along the semicircle of my eye. I then bring the same crease shade down onto my lower lash line, but only about halfway.


Blend the two colours as much as you can and try and make them look as seamless as possible. I know it feels a bit Barbie-ish but the purple and the pink are so playful for Valentines.


Next, eyeliner. Now I NEVER leave the house without eyeliner. In fact, sometimes I skip the foundation and just go out with eyeliner. But e.l.f again, didn’t send me any eyeliner. They did send me an awesome mascara though. I’ve used this mascara in the past and it was a great lengthener. What I did was use a tiny eyeliner brush and and dipped it into the mascara pot. I used the product to draw a thin winged eyeliner on my upper lash line and then used the same product to smudge it on to my lower lash line for a smoked out look. So next time you run out of eyeliner, use your mascara!



Lick of mascara before putting my falsies on.


Now I never wear false eyelashes, I find them really difficult to put on and as a contact lens wearer I am always paranoid that I might get glue on it, which would be the worst. However, for the purposes of this experiment, I decided to bite the bullet. And only a good 20 minutes later, I managed to get them looking half decent. I can only apologise if my lashes look a bit messy, but this was my best try.



Now for the lips, I was given a very pink lipstick and I don’t normally tend to be a big fan of bright colours in general. Also because my eyeshadow is quite bold, I decided to go for muted lips but trying to tone down Barbie pink can be a challenge. I decided to put the lipstick on my lips and then pat down a shade of brown to mix it in with the pink to create a ‘my lips but better’ effect. It creates a very matte (sometimes very dried out) lip, so I recommend you slosh on some lip balm about 15 minutes before applying anything.



That completed with both eyes and here we go.


Now last step, blushes. I got the most gorgeous rose-gold shade of blusher. I’ve used the e.l.f Studio baked blushers before and they are pretty amazing. I used e.l.f’s Studio blush brush to try and contour my face. The colour doesn’t really show up on my darker skin but as it’s quite shimmery, you can use it as a highlight or just below the apples of your cheeks. I did the latter and this was the result.

Elf valentines day challenge make up look tutorial


And here is my final finished look! It’s a really fun look if you’re out having fun or even if you just fancy going bright and cheery. I know, being single during Valentines Day can be a sad thought, but hold on to the thought of your fun make-up and embrace the colour explosion!



I have to apologise about some of the colouration of my pictures, my camera isn’t too great at knowing the right white balance but the above picture is a perfect guide for the kind of tone my skin is and what the other colours look like on it.

Lastly, nails. I got a very pink coloured nail varnish with slight corally tones to it, called “Bubble Gum Pink”. Now normally I go for muted coloured nails but this was great because it fit in perfectly with my bold and bright look. I love e.l.f nail varnishes, I have a big collection myself so I was more than happy to have yet another one.


So that was my final make-up and nail look for the e.l.f Valentines Day make up challenge. If you haven’t already been on e.l.f or heard of it, GO ON THEIR WEBSITE NOW! They have the most amazing make up for very reasonable prices.

I hope you like my make-up look, there are 9 other ladies that have also done the challenge which you can find on the e.l.f Twitter page. If you try this look out yourself, then post a link to the look that you tried out so I can check it out!

Till next time, thank you e.l.f for letting me a part of this challenge, and happy Valentines Day everyone!

Look What I Got : Vintage Fashion Jewellery Necklaces

Yet another of my special Twitter brand finds is Vintage Fashion Jewellery who have the prettiest necklaces in the world. Think teapot necklaces, mini harmonicas and sewing machines, camera necklaces, I could go on and on and on. They have a wide range of vintage inspired necklace designs, some even a bit hippie-chic, which come in a range of prices so there’s something for everyone.

My favourite collection has been the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired one, which has such whimsical items, it’s unreal! I love ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired anything, so this collection grabbed my attention right away. Somehow, when I made a purchase, I didn’t get anything Alice inspired, but I did get a couple of things that I’ve been meaning to snap up in a while.

I bought the lightbulb necklace and the golden wishbone one, but the lovely people at ‘Vintage Fashion Jewellery’ popped in another gold bullet necklace for free, which was SO nice of them.


I have had my eye on the golden wishbone necklace for ages! I originally saw it on the ‘Fashion For Lunch’ blog which was actually a Katie Mullally design. Sadly, I don’t have the budget for one of Katie’s pieces so a bargain one will have to do. I got this one for £5 off ‘Vintage Fashion Jewellery’. It’s such a dainty design, I absolutely love it. It goes with near enough anything and the rich colour of the gold and the finish just makes it stand out.


The next necklace I bought was an almost wire frame like light bulb necklace. This was an impulse buy really, I just thought it looked quite cool and quirky. It’s the kind of “geeky” thing that I like in jewellery sometimes so this grabbed my attention right away.


The last necklace was one that absolutely surprised me because the kind people behind ‘Vintage Fashion Jewellery’ dropped in one for free! This is a gold bullet necklace and I saw these on the website before and I wasn’t convinced it was quite my style. I thought it had lots of hippie vibes to it, whereas the kind of things I like to pick out, I think are a bit more polished. But I adore how edgy this necklace looks in the flesh… (or the metal). It still looks just as clean cut and glamorous as the others. It’s an unusual design but you really wouldn’t struggle to work it into outfits.