Totes Ma-Coats!

I haven’t blogged in a month – AGAIN! But work has just been so busy, I’ve barely had the time to shop – it’s like I’m earning all this money but have no where to spend it (first world problems, right?). Just yesterday, I sacked off the gym for a bit of retail therapy and went to H&M and TKMaxx. 

The first thing I got was this adorable parka from H&M. I’ve never really owned a parka and its really big with a lot of people at university, so I got this one. I had a 25% off voucher for H&M as well – so this was a total steal for £30. It’s khakhi with a quilted inner, faux leather trims and a soft lined hood with a fur trim. I really wanted a parka in a soft grey colour, but nowhere really seemed to have one, so I cut my losses and got this one – seeing that it came for a good price as well.

H&M parka


Next stop, TK Maxx. I love TK Maxx so much, it’s a bit like vintage shopping except none of the clothes are vintage really! I was trawling through a whole load of rather uninspiring parkas and puffer jackets and gilets, until I landed on this beautiful coat. It’s a tad boxy but I love the texture of the coat and the colour – it’s a chic marriage made in heaven. This set me back yet another £30 and even though, I’ve spent £60 on coats and jackets, I’m not too worried as I’m definitely due a new set of outerwear for winter, and these should really last me a while! I still have last years coats from ASOS and H&M which are in mint condition and I still love them and intend on using them this year. 

TK maxx coat


Now this next bag has all my envy. My sister picked up exactly the same bag by L. Credi but in a navy colour. Sadly, that had a bit of wear round the side so she couldn’t get it. I was trawling through the bags when I found this beautiful thing in a classic black. Being the generous one as always, I let her have it even though I spotted it first myself. What I’m hoping though, is that I’ll be able to steal it every now and then when we’re at home together. This set my sister back £30 again but it’s going to be one of those purchases that should really last her a while. L. Credi bags are usually incredible and priced well into their £100s so this is a style steal!


Beauty Review : The Body Shop

Recently, I was sent a couple of moisturising skincare products by one of my favourite high street shops, The Body Shop. I’ve shopped there before for various skincare and make-up bits and bobs so to be able to review their products was really exciting! The two products I got sent were The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter and a Hemp Hand Protector.



I have forever been a big fan of body butters, especially The Body Shop ones! They come in a range of fruity and floral scents and pots and on repeated use, leave your skin soft as silk. I love the nutty smell of the body butter as it’s incredibly subtle no matter how much of it you use. A lot of people aren’t really fans of the thick texture, but the texture doesn’t really matter to me. A little goes a long way with this body butter as you blend it into your skin. However, this body butter isn’t the most fast drying (and that’s potentially a good thing!). I don’t mind the slow drying nature of the cream, but those of you that don’t like creams on your skin because it makes you feel icky, probably won’t appreciate this product. All in all, it’s incredibly moisturising, especially when it’s freshly applied after you’ve shaved your legs and the scent is absolutely divine.


Swatches – Left : Shea Body Butter / Right : Hemp Hand Protector


Now, I don’t have a lot of experience with hand creams, I’ve always used my trusty Atrixo, so this hand protector cream made a welcome change. My first thought about this product is just how much you get! I had the 100ml tube, which will honestly last me a year of constant use. I can see this being especially handy during the winter as you can purchase it in a mini 30ml tube which will fit into your handbag perfectly. As with the body butter, a little goes a long way and this definitely leaves your skin feeling supple. It blends in immediately and doesn’t have the icky feeling that I described the body butter contains. It disappears into your skin and leaves it looking more alive. The only downside really to this product is the smell. It’s not a very strong scent, it’s only a slight undertone, but it’s not one that I sing praise about really.

All in all, both are incredibly great products with one or two (easily ignorable) downsides. Out of the two, my favourite is definitely the body butter. If you’re someone that doesn’t really use body butters, get into it! It leaves your skin so soft and prevents things like razor bumps and ingrown hairs on legs if you exfoliate and moisturise properly. The hand cream is also good and will last you ages, but I think because of the slightly expensive price, I’ll stick to Atrixo.

Work Outfit

If there’s one thing I’ve been raving about for the past month on various social media, it’s got to be my internship. It has well and truly consumed my life but I’m having such a great time, doing all these interesting things, learning lots of great concepts and meeting all these new faces. I’ve been embracing being a grown up and most of all… having a grown up’s wardrobe! Ford, where I’m doing my internship, is quite relaxed with what women wear, it’s a smart-casual vibe. I bought a few summer appropriate work clothes but here is probably my favourite outfit. I usually wear it without the tights, because Essex gets ridiculously hot in the summer. It was 33 degrees the other day (Celsius not Fahrenheit!) and tights (or clothing at all) seems a no-go.

Here is what I wore… my dress is a checked collared dress from Ark. The dress is so cute, I could definitely wear it once my internship is over (and maybe save it for any future interviews I get). My blazer is by H&M although, it don’t really take it around anymore due to the heat. My cut out brogues which are just so ridiculously cute are by New Look. I wanted the Kurt Geiger versions of the cut out brogues but they were a bit outside of my paltry price range so these New Look ones had to do.  It’s not the brightest summer colours that I could get but it’s so work-appropriate and makes me look young with a professional vibe.

photo (36)

Pastels, Everywhere…

It’s been 3 months since I last blogged and the last 3 months for me have just been so hectic. I never thought keeping up blogging whilst I’d be at university would be a chore. And even now, when I’m back for the summer, I’m far too busy during the week at my internship with Ford to even think about coming home and blogging. Anyway, it’s never too late to resurrect my blog and I thought today’s purchases would be a good day to do it.

I haven’t been shopping in ages, mainly because of exams and now to not having enough time to even browse online (when did that happen?!). I’ve also been a bit tight for cash, so I’ve been a bit cleverer with the old spending malarkey. I get paid in about 17 days though, so watch this space as I will most definitely be going crazy.

My parents have been out and about shopping for things to put in their new home and this weekend I thought I’d tag along for a change. Instead, I went off by myself looking for little treats. Both these items cost a total of £8 which my parents graciously paid for. Thank you, bank of mum and dad!

I got this adorable French 60’s inspired lavender scented soap with a little vintage case from TK Maxx for £2.99. The smell is just absolutely heavenly and TK Maxx had a variety of cases and scents of this soap. This was a total impulse buy, I don’t really need it but it was too cute to not get.

lavender soap tk maxxlavender soap tk maxx lavender soap tk maxx

My next purchase was from BHS and it’s this gorgeous pastel jewelled necklace reduced from £10 to just £5 and it would have been a crime for me to not get this beauty! I’m not usually a fan of jewelled necklaces but this one had the right colour palette. Mum loved this necklace just as much as I did and gave me the final confirmation to get it when I toyed around with the idea.


Fashion Crush : Chiara Ferragni’s SS14 Collection

I really need to get my blogging act together. Blogging once a month for someone whose life revolves around fashion and beauty is frankly abysmal. It’s never too late to get back into the game though and my current fashion crush are the adorable shoes in Chiara Ferragni’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

As someone who doesn’t really have the budget for high-end designs, I had never really heard of Chiara Ferragni before but on I discovered these playful shoes on one of my many e-window-shopping sessions on ShopStyle (which is a shopper’s catalogue to everything). Chiara Ferragni started off as a blogger at ‘The Blonde Salad’ and has gone on to release her own fashion lines with brands like Guess and even collaborations with Steve Madden.

I absolutely love the almost Charlotte Olympia-esque vibe from these dainty loafers from her spring/summer collection. Esepcially the powder blue flats… they have the most perfect summer vibe about them. At £126 a pair, these are definitely an investment piece but for now, a girl can dream.


Gingham in the Sun

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I’ve updated my blog, what’s wrong with me?! Nevertheless, I’ve been shopping like there’s no tomorrow. I got a few lovely bits and bobs over the past couple of months from various places. I’ll be doing a whole in-depth blog analysis of my purchases soon.

One of the dresses I bought was this beyond gorgeous smock dress from Ever Ours. Now that the weather in Sheffield has started getting quite sunny, I decided to wear the dress out on it’s own. It’s the prettiest gingham dress in the world with a broderie style detailing on the sleeve cuffs. It also has a little pocket  with more detailing. The back (not photographed here) is also absolutely gorgeous, it’s a buttoned up back with little brown buttons over more broderie detailing. This dress cost me roughly £30 including the fastest delivery in the world. While the dress is the star of the show, my bag is from Next and my shoes are my favourite pair of brogues from ASOS.

If you haven’t heard of Ever Ours, you’re honestly missing out, their clothes are beyond gorgeous so go snag yourself a dress for summer!

gingham dress Ever Ours Next ASOS bag brogues OOTD

Talented Talkers Valentine’s Outfit : Be My Valentine!

My blog has gone through a spot of neglect whilst I’ve gone off and been a busy bee, but it’s never too late to update you on the happenings in my rather uneventful life. One week on from Valentine’s Day and I’m hoping our love lives have taken a bit of a lift. In my single state, the lovely people at Talented Talkers let me pick an outfit by George at ASDA for Valentine’s Day!

Disclaimer : This post has been sponsored. Should you wish to purchase any of the items, I have linked them in my post. Otherwise, George at ASDA have an amazing selection of clothing which you can shop here.

George at ASDA have been doing some lovely pieces off late and I was incredibly excited to choose an outfit showing my take on a cute Valentine’s day outfit. Now I didn’t have much planned for the day or the night. Me and my friends decided to celebrate our single statuses by having a cute coffee and cake at a local coffee shop. This outfit was the simple balance of subtle Valentine’s Day romanticism as well as being perfect for an afternoon out with the girls.

Talented Talkers let me pick an outfit worth £20 and then they would send me a mystery accessory that one of the members of the styling team thought fit to go with my outfit. I decided to pick this gorgeous floral print top and a pleated pinstripe skirt by George at ASDA. My mystery accessory, I was overjoyed to get! I absolutely love a multi-functional big bag and I love bags in muted tones, it’s totally my style so receiving this monochrome tote was the highlight of the entire package I got sent. I decided to team these 3 pieces with a simple pair of burgundy loafers from ASOS to continue the entire theme of “love”.

If you do like any of my pieces or wish to purchase any thing from George at ASDA, they have all been linked above. Hope your Valentine’s Day was just as cute and fashionable as mine!